Health insurance for opportunity card

A new visa was introduced in June 2024 to make it easier for non-EU citizens to find a job in Germany. As with all visas, when applying for an opportunity card, you must also provide proof of health insurance valid in Germany and the Schengen area.

Our private health insurance EDUCARE24 is ideal for the opportunity card because it meets all the requirements of the authorities:

  • The minimum sum insured under EDUCARE24 health insurance is unlimited and therefore exceeds the required EUR 30,000.
  • It is valid in Germany and the Schengen area, and it also covers travel outside Europe, including vacations in your home country (verifiable stays of a maximum of six weeks).
  • The opportunity card is initially issued for one year, but can be extended to three years. No problem with EDUCARE24. Our insurance can be taken out for up to four years.
  • EDUCARE24 corresponds to the scope of benefits of statutory health insurance.

You will receive the insurance confirmation by e-mail immediately after taking out the policy online.

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