Blocked Account for Chinese students

This Blocked Account is offered by DR-WALTER and Expatrio in cooperation with the payment provider Aion.

Expatrio Aion


Advantages of the DR-WALTER Blocked Account

  • Accepted and approved by all German authorities for obtaining a German visa.
  • Receive official confirmation on the next day - latest.
  • Cheap: one-off set-up of €49 and €5 per month only.
  • In cooperation with the escrow services and payment provider Aion.


When do you need a Blocked Account?

If you are not from an EU member state and would like to study in Germany, you need to prove that you are able to pay for your studies and living costs. Usually you need to provide this proof when you apply for a visa. It is a prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit. In order to provide such proof, it is often necessary to have a Blocked Account. A Blocked Account is a special account which is not freely accessible to the account holder upon opening of the account.

How does a Blocked Account work?

You need to deposit a specific amount as required by law into the Blocked Account. Currently, €853 have to be paid into the account for each month you stay in Germany. If you are requested to deposit more than €853 each month by a visa authority, you will need an official document from them stating the request in order to deposit the money. The deposited amount will remain blocked until you arrive in Germany. Another peculiarity of a Blocked Account is that you can only withdraw or transfer a limited amount of money. You may withdraw a maximum of €853 per month unless you have deposited a higher amount.

How can I open a Blocked Account?

Here you can open your Blocked Account easily online:

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