What to do in an emergency?

What can I do to find the correct contact partner and get help immediately? Besides medical emergencies there are also situations which require personal support. We offer information for both cases.

Medical emergency

One generally speaks of a medical emergency if a life-threatening situation occurs unexpectedly. Without immediate medical care, severe health impairment or the death of the person is to be expected. Help is needed immediately.

Medical care is provided by the family doctor, the family doctor's locum, the medical helpline service, the nearest available hospital or by the pan-European

emergency number 112.

Telephone helpline

In an emergency, fellow students or counselors at university are the first and nearest available contact persons for students. An open conversation can often work wonders.

If you do not want to talk to people at your university in a difficult situation, you can also contact the "TelefonSeelsorge" (telephone helpline). Trained volunteers provide support by phone or online consultation. This phone number is only available in Germany:

TelefonSeelsorge (telephone helpline) 0800 1110111 or 0800 1110222.

Deutsche Telekom is a partner of the "TelefonSeelsorge" (telephone helpline). Your call is toll-free.
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