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You would like to have detailed information before purchasing international health insurance? We have put together the most important information about our policy EDUCARE24.

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Go to Your advantages to learn about the key benefits of EDUCARE24. At Insurance Quick & Easy, you will get all the details on how to purchase insurance. We can also provide you with information for language students and students. Foreign students, who often need a blocked account, will find our offers on Blocked Account for foreign students and on Blocked Account for Chinese students, our special page for Chinese students. Guest scientists can learn relevant details for their stay in Germany in this section. Go to Questions & Answers for a list of frequently asked questions along with the answers. At Customer experience, you can find evaluations of our services by our clients. You can also find our customer information on EDUCARE24 in this section. Our additional insurances section will provide you with information on DR-WALTER’s other products.