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How do other customers evaluate this student insurance? What is the experience of travelers regarding EDUCARE24? In this section, you will find the answers to these questions. We cooperate with At this portal, customers can describe their experience with companies or products. This generally takes the form of short comments. However, some customers also write real reports. Here you can read the last 7 evaluations of our student insurance EDUCARE24. If you want to read all evaluations, go to (German).

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* * * * *  (5 Sterne)
Sehr gut
am 31.07.2017
* * * *  (4 Sterne)
Da kein Schaden zu melden war kann ich auch keine Angaben zu Ihrem Verhalten bei einer Schadenregulierung machen. Hoffe, dass es dabei auch zu keinen Problemen kommen würde.
am 24.07.2017
* * * *  (4.08 Sterne)
sehr gut
am 14.07.2017
* * * * *  (5 Sterne)
Ich kann nur sagen: Vielen vielen Dank!
am 12.07.2017
* * * * *  (4.92 Sterne)
Einfache und schnelle Abwicklung
am 05.07.2017
* * * * *  (4.5 Sterne)
alles ok
am 29.06.2017
* * * * *  (4.83 Sterne)
I was looking for a health insurance for my study in Luxembourg that was affordable and met the residence permit requirement. Educare24 was exactly what I was looking for: its price was about 1/3 of other health insurance but offered a basic coverage for health issues students typically faced. I recommend this insurance for those in a similar situation as me.
am 27.05.2017

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